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Our Companies Here is the list of our companies

KC Bottom & Shirt Wear Company

18 Line

KC Lingerie & Sport Wear Company

20 Line

KC Jacket Wear Company

25 Line

KC Washing Plant

40 Machine

Know About Us A Quality Experience Team with 21 years experience

Awards and Achievements Here is some recognitions our quality and commitment

Compliances We are ensured sustainable business practices and highest ethical sourcing standards

Social Compliances
  • Nipa Group's values are based on transparency, ethics and social compliance.

  • We work with the world’s leading retailers and work hard to uphold their integrity and reputation. Therefore we maintain complete supply chain transparency.

  • We manage a rigorous program of on-going audits to help ensure that all of our vendor partners with whom we work are in complete compliance with local social, labour, human rights and environmental standards. All of our vendor partners must sign and abide by our Code of Conduct.

Strict Zero Tolerance Policy
  • Child labour

  • Forced labourin any form overt or covert

  • Violation of modern Slavery Policy

  • Discrimination in any form

  • Harassment and Abuse

  • Unauthorized subcontracting including Tier 2 operations regardless of brands.

  • Failure to provide access to records or workers’ interview or any mode of denial that will hamper the social compliance audit process

  • Shared building unless approved by Head of Compliance (any other factory owned by different owner located in the same building) or factory located in building which has shops/markets

  • Factory building approved for residential purposes

  • Any unethical practice

Our Major Clients A Quality Experience Team with 4 years experience




Man Power


Total Machine

120 M

Yearly Turn Over

20 M

Yearly Production Capacity